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Sankt Moritz
Saint Moritz
This is a View of Sankt Moritz from Lake Saint Moritz.
Map of Full Snowzerland Island
Saint Moritz is east of Lucerne and sits on Lake Saint Moritz.
Vital statistics
Type City
Level 102
Location Snowzerland Island
Inhabitants Penguins and puffles

Sankt Moritz, or in English, Saint Moritz, is a beautiful city on Snowzerland Island. It is known for its luxurious shops and peaceful ski resorts.


Saint Moritz has a very undecided past. Many have believed that Saint Moritz was founded by a penguin named Moritz, who was dubbed as a saint by the people for Creating the City. Others say that the city was founded by one of the POPE's Cardinals, also named Moritz. Either way, St. Moritz came into existance as a peaceful town- the first city ever founded on the island of Snowzerland. Later on, it became a favorable ski area, and it attracted tourists, bringing Saint Moritz to fame. It also has become home to many rich penguins, many of whom loved the City and were avid skiiers. Saint Moritz also has many expensive stores and restauraunts that sell exotic foods and items. Saint Moritz doesn't have it's own official airport, but it does have a small private airstrip north of the city for those who can afford the price.


Saint Moritz is a popular tourist city that has lured tourists to Snowzerland, making it popular. Saint Moritz is also the Oldest city in all of the Island, and it is of Historical Significance.

Things to do[]

Skiing, Snowboarding, and Sledding are the main things to do here, bu there also are some other things to see and do as well.

  • Sailing- Sailing is very commonly seen during the Summer Months, when the lake is clear of the ice.
  • St. Moritz Art Show- the Saint Moritz Art show comes into town four times a year: Spring, Summer, Winter, Fall. Art from all over the antarctic is shown throught the streets of the city. Some of the Art Pieces are for sale. The Art styles has a theme for each season, so each art show shows great variety.
  • Skydiving- Skydiving is also available at the local air strip nearby. Reservations need to made first, though. Flights and Instructions are available Monday through Friday.
  • St. Moritz Library- The Saint Moritz Library is home to a large variety of books. Some of them are more than 100 Years old, dating back to the High Penguin Confederacy. The Saint Moritz Library is also the Headquarters for The Literature Group of Snowzerland.


  • Hamburgers are sold here for $20.
  • Hershee Chocolate is strangely sold here too.....for $10 per chocolate bar.
  • Regular Snowerland Chocolate is sold here for only $0.50! - The Cheapest thing to buy in the city.

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