Club Penguin Fan Universe

Sandman (William cooker, a.k.a. Marko Flint) Arachnid Boy. A shapeshifter endowed through an accident with the ability to turn himself into sand, he eventually reformed, and became an ally of Arachnid Boy.and later joins the lsp


  • Superpenguin strength, durability and endurance
  • Mass manipulation
  • Density control
  • Shapeshifting in sand or sand form
  • Completely organic sand within body
  • Size manipulation
  • Earth manipulation
  • Flight (in sandstorm form)


on the run from the psa he Immediately flees to a nuclear testing site on a beach near coool isle comes into contact with sand that had been irradiated by an experimental reactor. His body and the radioactive sand bond, which changes flints's molecular structure into sand. Impressed, he names himself the Sandpenguin after his new powers.

Later he receives a presidential pardon and briefly joins the defenders as a reserve member Later, he becomes a fulltime lsp member, and faught alongside heroes such as coool and doompool