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There are 19 known direct members of Sancho Monte Captio's family line. Here is a list by generations

First Generation[]

  • Jacob Hills (born December 19,1871 died November 7,1931)
  • Kara Kingston (born January 7,1869 died June 7, 1943)

The couple had three children, Karen, Stanley and Michael

Second Generation[]

  • Karen Hills (born April 9,1929-)
  • Edward Dickson (born July 18, 1926, died October 19,1986)

The couple had four children, Anna, Jenny, Regina and Celina (deceased 1993)

Third Generation[]

  • Debbie Dickson (born August 25,1937-)
  • Romeo Whitsford (born April 20 1937-)

The couple had four children, Meilin, Maria, Emmanuel, and Grace

Fourth Generation[]

  • Mary Whitsford (born May 20, 1960-)
  • John Monte Captio (born February 24,1960-)

The couple had two children, Sancho and Bea, his sister

Fifth Generation[]

The couple has one child, Jacob.