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Sam Rudi is Missing is a video game for the Snowtendo DS, and the Snowtendo Vii.

Sam Missing 8-6-09

The video game cover and start screen


After you start the game you see a cutscene showing Sam Rudi sledding down a mountain and sledding into a cave and only the sled comes out then shows Nightmare coming out with a bag. The story goes all over the news and Kwiksilver sees it and decides to rescue his old partner. After each world you find a hovercraft and you step in it then it flies to a castle (see bosses to know what they are) after every world the hovercraft will fly you to the top of the castle and you see Nightmare about to turn Sam into a X-creature. He then sees you and tries to ram into you. Jump him and he will fall off of the castle and the EPF will capture him.



  • World one - Mines
  • World two - Mwa Mwa Land
  • World three - The Abandon Aquarium
  • World four - Forest
  • World five - Str00del Castle
  • World six - Ruins
  • World seven - Fire ship
  • World eight - Nightmare Castle


Many game critics give this game a 9.6


  • Sam Rudi: One of the main characters in the game the player must save Sam.
  • Kwiksilver: One of the main characters in the game the player controls Kwik.
  • Nightmare: The main antagonist of the game.


  • It is a parody of Mario is missing.
  • If you finish the game a code will be in the backround and if you type it in the codes section you can unlock Sam Rudi as a playable character.As well as the third time for finish the game Garteam will fly down on Parp star and give you a code to unlock a demo of Garteam 3:Garteam-X the super nightmare

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