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Ok so you know about that user Manny Peng well he has this talk page so with the hate mail from knowing Sanity I decided to make one. So just say your problems here.

Sam's Blog
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-Sam Rudi


August 12, 2009[]

I made my talk page. After 3 hours of finding a painting site named "Sumo Paint" and after 1 hour of making the picture I successfully Made my first painted picture and I think its pretty good.

August 13, 2009[]

I made my symbol.

August 13, 2009[]

I had to go to my job to get some money. heres a picture

My job

I work at Pizza 7

August 14, 2009[]

I saw District 9 at the Penguin Theater and it was FREAKY! Why did the penguin turn into a cantaloupe!? heres my expression after it

Sam Rudiaa

August 16, 2009[]

I went on a balloon trip and saw gary i was so happy that i didn't have to use the Gary Tracker that i accidently fell off the air balloon heres a picture

Sam and his fall

my face is AWESOME!(i never say epic. epic is for n00bs)

August 17, 2009[]

I saw Ponyo at the Penguin Theater and it wasn't bad…well not like DISTRICT 9 -shivers- oh and im also practicing for my role as Augustus Gloop in the play Willy Penguin Jr (in real life except its called "Willy Wonka Jr".

Psyco Peng's Problem[]

I will destroy you and your little blog too! - Psyco Peng

Hey great! you learned english