Club Penguin Fan Universe

Sall-E The Robot
Vital statistics
Title Sall-E
Gender Probably a female.
Race Robot
Faction Hero.
Health 100000
Status Alive
Location Wall-E's Home-like Truck
Occupation Fill in!
Interests Saving the world from disaster.
Friends Zed
Enemies Doctor Aye-Que
Archetype Good

Sall-E is Doctor Aye-Que's failed invention (a robot, to be precise) that is staying at Wall-E's home. Originally meant to have the shape of a penguin, Sall-E does good deeds and is against her creator. She is friends with Zed, who secretly likes her. Sall-E does not like 'Bark' the evil robot 'dinosaur', whom plans to take over Antarctica, although this has been proven false time and again.

Other than Zed, Sall-E, fourth-wall breakers and Matthews, no one knows what a 'Wall-E' is. It is said to be a male version of Sall-E that comes from another dimension, particularly 2300 Earth.


Doctor Aye-Que needed someone to help him in his scientific missions (to destroy the world), especially for testing out potions that could be lethal. He originally wanted to use a penguin, but Tails would most likely save the penguin and foil another one of his plans. Therefore, he decided to construct on a robot that could 'eat', 'sleep' and 'breathe' just like a normal penguin, as most of his victims are penguins, of course. During an interview in jail, he stated that it took around 3 months simply to construct the robot, but one month alone to install the ability of breathing.

Doctor Aye-Que had to research on something during the construction of Sall-E, so he decided to finish Sall-E quickly, and instead of giving the form of a penguin, he was simply a robot with a metallic box with a head and a pair of legs. He decided to name it 'Robot Aye-Que' initially, but instead, went for 'Test Robot', as he is EVIL. EVIL TO THE CORE. He maltreated Sall-E, putting her at risk even though she had a 'life'. It was common for this to happen, so Sall-E didn't really bother. But with a heart of gold that may resemble CyberGemz, she was against Doctor Aye-Que's plans to ruin the world. Penguinborg comes and breaks into Sall-E's house, Penguinborg kidnapping her. Gangster Totodile Comes and Saving her, but a Porcupine Named Edward (Parody of Flaky From HTF) comes into Gangster Totodile's House and House arresting Gangster Totodile for Acting like crime is illegal.

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