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Smart Undersea Guided Aquatic Robot
Vital statistics
Full name
Role Underwater exploration, construction and repairs
National origin USA
Manufacturer Pontrier and Snowing (Project:CONDIMENT)
First flight
Introduced July 29, 2010
Status In production
Primary users USA Navy, Calada Navy
Number built 16
Program cost 2.1 billion pebbles
Unit cost 4.5 million pebbles
Developed from N/A
Developed into SPICE

The Smart Undersea Guided Aquatic Robot is a unmanned underwater vehicle, that can reach depths up to 5,000 feet deep, and is controlled via radio control. The SUGAR is used for undersea repairs and exploration, as it has three undersea cameras, two large arms for grabbing things, and can also slice and drill with specialized drills in the arms. The SUGAR is mainly used by the USA Navy to accompany submarines and to be used as a scout.


The SUGAR is about the size of a minivan, and has three headlights, one main camera and two grabber arms. The SUGAR is yellow, and is powered by a lithium battery, that can be charged while on land. The arms have two claws, that can grab things, and also have screw attachments as well. The SUGAR can also take samples, as well as touch down on a flat area of the sea floor. It can also dive to up to 5,000 feet underwater.

The SUGAR can be controlled from a point 5,000 feet deep and even 15 kilometers away from where the controller is, as a radio signall mast hangs down from the boat or watercraft that it is being controlled from. The mast sends a signal to the SUGAR, in a 15 kiolmeters and 5,000 feet deep radius. There are 15 cameras, 14 of them small cameras, while the one at the front is the main camera, ad can zoom in 500 times. The cameras are high-quality and are very useful as well. There are also cameras on the back, on the arms and other places.

Controlling the SUGAR is known to be very difficult, as many buttons have to be pressed to operate it, and there is also a 20-second delay while controlling it. It is controlled via an onboard computer, which shows the views of the fifteen cameras.