STINC was one of the most epic armies in Antarctica before it turned evil. Unlike the Str00del Force, it does not vandalize. It tried to protect Antarctica and stop ACP from turning it into some kind of dicatorship, but then afterwards they turned evil! They were SUPER cool protecting against the ACP, however, they became evil.


STINC was a PWNsome group before they became evil. About only 300 from DTA had joined. The others had come in PWNingy. They later became allied with DTA due to the 300 DTA members that had joined. They formed in 1951 during the years of Olde Antarctica. They first attempted to protect it in 1956 from a rennegade meteor, and succeeded. Several Decades later in 1990, their group had grown tremendously, and because they had very advanced technology, STINC brought Olde Antarctica to an end.

Former Members (Before STINC became bad in the Great Darktonian Pie War


  • ACP isn't the only army they exposed; once, they exposed UMA and revealed them as evil n00bs.
  • Flywish thought they PWNed prior to the Great Darktonian Pie War.

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