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SS Athenry
SS Athenry image
The ship whilst pulling into port
Vital statistics
Type Ship
Effects Sails,Can carry passengers and cargo
Source Built by:Rory,Construction workers Owned by:King Triskelle
Location West Yeti Harbour,Freezeland
Cost to buy Not for sale
Cost to sell Not for sale

The SS Athenry is King Triskelle's ship.


The Athenry was built during the save the migrator project.Instead of helping Rockhopper re-build The Migrator,Triskelle's close friend Rory gave him deseigns for a new and faster ship.It currently docked at the West Yeti Harbour.


  • Probobly the fastest ship in Antarctica.
  • It was NOT in the Harbour when Link sank all the ships,though it was the ship he inteded to sink.

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