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Squad Patrol Intelligence Comabt-Zone Explorer
Vital statistics
Full name
Role Reconnaissance, espoinage
National origin USA
Manufacturer Snowing, International Robotics Company,
First flight
Introduced July 29, 2010
Status In production
Primary users USA Army
Number built 18
Program cost 2.2 billion pebbles
Unit cost 1.1 millon pebbles
Developed from SUGAR
Developed into N/A

SPICE is an Unmanned reconnaissance vehicle, which is used by soilders to spy on the opposing belligrent's area during war. It is mainly used for Spying, and is in wide use by the USA army. The SPICE also carries voice recorders, as well as three video cameras wehich can rotate 360 degrees.The SPICE is one of the only three war recon robots of it's time, as the original program was retired in 1994.


The SPICE is about the size of a microwave oven. and is lightweight and portable, and has track wheels, like those on a tank, making it easily mobile. The SPICE can be controlled from a point 12 kilometers away, due to the high frequency of the radios of both the control device and the radio mast on the SPICE. It can be deployed into battle, and also is powered by two lithium batteries, which can be recharged. The entirety of the SPICE is bulletproof, making it invincible to bullets.

The SPICE is one of the most high-tech devices in use by the army during battle, and can also extract samples from the ground. The SPICE can climb a hill 45 degrees in angle, making it durable for any battlefield. The SPICE can also drop from a height of 300 feet, as it deploys a cushion from it's underbelly, which breaks the fall when it hits the ground. After, it can still continue rolling. The SPICE can also be parachuted down from a height of 14,000 feet, and is also undetectable by radar. The SPICE is currently being tested for Space travel as well.

The SPICE can also go into and under water, as it has special underwater technology as well. Unlike it's sister, the SUGAR, it cannot grab things, and can only go to a depth of 700 feet. It can also be used to detect torpedoes, and has been used to guide torpedoes off-course from submarines, as it can swim at a speed of 234 kilometers per hour, faster than the SUGAR. The SPICE can also release an ink,which is biodegradable and natural to confuse any robot or device following it.

The SPICE is one of the most intelligent robots, and can recognize things, and automatically swim to the nearest radio beacon detectable if radio contact is not available. The SPICE is known to rival the SUGAR, although it cannot do underwater repairs. The Spice is also known to be used as a computer, and also has Wi-Fi connectivity.