Club Penguin Fan Universe

The Singing Agency of Club Penguin (SAOCP) is a hidden agentsy. Penguins who sing really well have access. It was founded in April of 2007 by Snowman 1001.


It started in April of 2007. A penguin named Snowman 1001 went into the secret passage from the Night Club to the Boiler Room. He saw a jackhammer stowed away. He started digging and digging. He finally finished. He made a hatch door from the floor of the Boiler Room. He called it the Basement. It got boring so he made it into a well hidden agentsy. He put up instruments and setup microphones. He named it the SAOCP.


The map is simple.

  1. Go to the Plaza
  2. Go down the sewer grate
  3. Walk through the door on the right
  4. Now search really hard for a hatch


There is one other place in the SAOCP called the Studio. It is behind the door on the right. It plays the Hard Rock song. It has a hanging microphone and a mixboard.


  • Founder: Snowman 1001
  • Manager: Snowman30
  • Asistant Manager: ??? (Awaiting)
  • Spy: Dot


  • Instruments
  • Snacks
  • VIP Necklace
  • Mixboard

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