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RumorTesters is an "educational" TV program featuring Adan Vicious, Jasper Tailmn, and Tester (the crash test dummy) as the hosts, and Kathy Byrom, Tony, Bilychi, and Garet Iceahara as the Create Team. They take rumors around the USA and test them. Some things they have tested are if the iceberg could really tip, if a penguin could fly with a home made jet pack, ect.


The one on the left is Adan, the one in the middle is Jasper, and the one on the right is Tester.


  • Jasper has a walrus mustache and is constantly teased about it
  • They all have the same pin, but different sizes
  • Jasper almost never shows emotion
  • This is an obvious parody of the tv show "MythBusters"