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Whassup home skillets?!?
Vital statistics
Title Ruled4eva
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Faction We never got an answer out of him.
Health High
Level 11 and a half.
Status Alive
Location With his brother, Jetfigter.
Occupation Adventuring.
Interests Adventuring, Tails6000 games.
Friends Jetfigter, Rocket Slug, Sye (neutral).
Enemies WishFlyX, Flywish.
Archetype Good

Ruled4eva (pronounced ev-ah) is the brother of awesomeness. He goes to Puff Flags every summer with his brother. He loves science and goes adventuring with his older brother every Wednesday.


Eight and a half years after Jetfigter was born, Ruled4eva, or Ruled for short, was born. He was a black penguin. His first words were, "Penguin Kart." Like Jet, his parents bought him video games as soon as he was old enough to stand, talk, and walk. He became an expert gamer by age nine and three quarters, but he's not as good as his brother.


He loves Guitar Hero, adventuring, Penguin Crossing, and Penguin Kart. He never goes anywhere without a portable gaming system, three games, and a laptop with high battery power in his red backpack. He has just recently become a ninja, and he wears his mask a lot.


  • His favorite game (besides video games) is paddle ball. His record is 7,481 hits!
  • His favorite snack is lemon cream Girl Scout cookies and chocolate milk.

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