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Ruby Railways
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The Ruby Railways scenic "Blue Viaduct".
Vital statistics
Type Railroad
Level 50000
Location Unknown
Inhabitants Rail Riders

Ruby Railways, or Ruby Rails, is a sightseeing railway line in front of the Trans-Antarctica mountains. It was founded by train-lover Ruby S. Railroadings, whom convert abandoned grey tracks into a full-scale railway. There are only two stops; one in a small town and the other in the outskirts of Newton Town. It is the only sightseeing railway in Antarctica for the time being, and Antarctic Express helps the railway company to issue boarding tickets.


It was founded by Ruby S. Railroadings. She loved trains and yellow puffles very much. She always dreamed of owning a railway company, but to no avail.

When the movie 'Ruby and the Ruby' was released, the props, which were actual grey tracks, were unused and left in front of the Trans-Antarctica mountain range. Upon hearing the news that the production company would be selling the props on eBay, Ruby immediately auctioned for it. She had a competitor named Mike Mows. They competed for the railway tracks and eventually placed a joint bid. Eventually, both of them won and divided the railway into two sections: the west for Ruby and the east for Mike. Several railway tracks had to be disconnected for this arrangement.

Now, Ruby had some capital from being a saleswomen. She used this to purchase several more railway tracks and some worn-out trains from the Antarctic Express. She hired seven employees and two guides for the train. She and her seven employees renovated the worn-out railway cars into brand-new, ultra-modern train cars with a special arrangement. She officially started business in 2009.

Income generated was very high at the start. She managed to purchase new ones, and the trains were divided into two classes: Ruby Class and Railroad Class. Ruby Class was situated in the newer train cars, while Railroad Class was situated in the older ones. More income was generated and more guides were hired. The scenic route was perfect as it changes with every season, thus, penguins could choose between three packages.

Mike Mow's railway service did pretty badly and as a result, Ruby bought over those train tracks and moved them further towards the end. The train always made a loop once the line ends, heading towards home. This has changed once Ruby announced that it will be a two-way service. The second stop, situated in the outskirts of Newton Town, will be more convenient. The office was not shifted though, and customers had more to choose from.


  • Places of interest:
    • Blue Viaduct
    • Gray Junction
    • Ruby Mountain

Ruby Mountain


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