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Roy Dibbs II
Freaking epic CNIC agent
Vital statistics
Title Special Agent
Gender Male
Race Emperor penguin
Faction CNIC
Health Amazing
Level Freaking epic
Status Working
Location Varies
Occupation CNIC agent
Interests Boats, his friends, weapons, coffee, slapping people upside the head
Friends All CNIC agents
Enemies Criminals, those who hurt his friends
Archetype Good

Agent Roy Dibbs II, normally addressed as Dibbs, is the second-highest-ranking agent in the Criminal Nautical Investigation Service and is amazing at his job. His passion for order, exellence, and his agency have led him to endless successes on the field and in life. His colleagues describe him as "freaking epic". Among his traits, he is best known for slapping his colleagues upside the head.


Dibbs hails from the small town of Mattress Village, the same reigon which brought forth the folks of Skybound and the Jones family. He moved out at an early age and joined the military, where he became an expert sniper and a vital asset in war, especially at sea. He was injured and fell into a coma of sorts, which, after he healed from it, made him choose to leave the active military. Dibbs was asked by Dan to join the CNIC because of his experience in leadership, warfare, investigations, and the sea. This request was accepted, and Dibbs soon rost to second in command.


Dibbs is addicted to coffee and gets angry when his coffee is disturbed. He is amazingly sneaky and can be right behind another penguin before they are even aware of his presence. He is primarily very serious and immensely loyal to his friends, agency, and the Greater Good. Ever persistant, he usually takes little rest until a case is solved.

Dibbs' overall persona is often unnerving to CNIC workers, but those who work with him love and respect him and would be willing to risk themselves for him or their mission.

Dibbs is normally at the forefront of the field and actively involves himself in CNIC affairs and investigations, even moreso than the Admiral himself.


  • When agents need to contact him, they will, regardless of grammatical context, say "I call Dibbs".
  • Most CNIC agents, excluding the Admiral, have been slapped by Dibbs.
  • Don't mess with his coffee.
  • Dibbs doesn't mess around.
  • Dibbs never leaves home without a gun.

  • Roy is a parody of Jethro Gibbs from the popular crime drama, "NCIS".

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