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Rough Ross Mine
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Ross Island Locations
Rough Ross Mine's location (small red dot)
Vital statistics
Type Mine
Level ?
Location Ross Island
Inhabitants None

Rough Ross Mine is a mine located in Ross Island.


The Rough Ross Mine was discovered in 1999, by a group of exploring penguins called the "Adelie Explorers" with members Jake, Anthony, Ben and Vincent. Because they discovered it, Jake and Anthony went inside in search for gold. After spelunking for gold, one of them gave one for Ben and Vincent who are waiting outside for them. Then, they planned to go other places to buy resources like food and other stuff, however, Vincent decided to stay on Ross Island. This made Jake, the leader of the group changed his mind on staying too, but because every one in the group like to explore other places the group left the Vincent behind. Luckily, they forgot that Vincent had one gold in his pocket, so instead of keeping the gold for him, he showed it to Jack McFurry that there is gold hidden in Ross Island. So, Jack McFurry hired brave penguin explorers to mine for gold and other precious metals only found in mines. After mining for gold, Jack solved the "Currency Crisis" making Ross Island's currency changed from fish to coins.

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