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Ross Seal
Conservation Status
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animal
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Mammal
Order: Carnivora
Family: Pinnipedia
Genus: Ommatophoca
Species: O. rossii
Binomial Nomenclature
Ommatophoca rossi

Ross Seals are Seals live in or near Ross Island. They were natives there, getting into fights with the local Adelie Penguins. They live in peace there, serving as the Ross Island Coast Guard. Ross Seals rival Weddell Seals, as they're both fishermen. The only difference is Ross Seals hunt Squid, and Weddell Seals hunt Blue Fish.


Ross Island was a lovely place to live in. However, the Adelie Penguins were greedy, and they wanted more. They began by overfishing Squid. This began tenshions between Ross Seals and Adelie Penguins. The Ross Seals were experts in hunting Squid. In order to get their Squid back, they attacked the Adelie Penguins. This started a war between them. They soon came to agreement, saying that the Adelie Penguins must give half of their fish they fish to Ross Seals. Soon, the two races were beginning to cooperate. However, some Walruses raided Ross Island. It was down to the Ross Seals to drive them back. They did, and they were named the Ross Island Coast Guard. Some even got a job in the Sub-Antarctica Navy.


Ross Seals supply the most Squid to Penguins. Ross Seals catch the best Squid. Squid caught by Ross Seals are called Ross Squid, and Ross Squid are very expensive.

Ross Seals make up the Ross Island Coast Guard. Others are part of the Sub-Antarctica Navy.