Club Penguin Fan Universe
Vital statistics
Title Flywish's wife
Gender Female
Race Emporer Penguin
Faction None
Health Deceased
Level 32
Status Deceased
Location Buried at Flywish's Mansion

Rose44 is the deceased wife of Flywish and the deceased mother of Flywish II. So ya, she's deceased.


When she was born she met Flywish. Flywish's parents were friends with her parents. She actually knew Flywish all her life. She was reluctant to date Flywish at first but after Flywish stopped being a Mwa Mwa Penguin she loved him. They got married at the local capital building in Gold City They had a son. When she turned 27, She went for a walk when she spotted a cookie. However, when she ate the cookie she was choking to death. Darktan's Army had given her the cookie! Flywish found her and tried to save her. However she was dead and Flywish eventually learned that DTA did their "job". Flywish got very angry and decided to avenge Rose Wish.


She became a helpful ghost after she died. The last time Flywish saw her was when Treacherous Trio killed him. Flywish came back to life eventually


  • She is the reason Flywish is fighting Darktan/II.
  • She was always traveling around the world
  • Xorai said "Wow, Darktan is evil but seriously, that's just....just.......I need a new word to describe how heartless............" whenever he remembers that she died.
  • Gary the Gaget Dude was good friends with her before she died. His whole army is very upset about her death. GGD and his army will someday kill Darktan to get revenge.

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