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Root Cola
Mmm Root Cola
Vital statistics
Type Cola
Effects Tastiness
Source Sam Rudi
Location Now in many restaurants.
Cost to buy 100 coins
Cost to sell Why sell it?

Root Cola is a really popular drink made in 2004 and it cant get you fat.


In 2004 Sam Rudi created a drink called Root Cola and it first was a drink in McDoodle's and became very popular but made people fat. Soon the Root Cola company made a soda that wouldn't make people fat the testers drank alot of it and didn't become fat. It became the second popular drink right behind Cream Soda.

Root Soda Factory[]

The Root Cola Factory is a three story building that makes the drinks. It has a Root Cola River in the back of the building.

  • Basement- Cellar, truck garage
  • Floor 1- Root Cola shop, Hall of Drinks
  • Floor 2- Root Cola making room (where the new colas are made)
    File:Root Cola shop.jpg

    Root Cola shop

  • Floor 3- Root Cola Bottle Manufacturing, lounge
  • Floor 4- Board Meeting Room.

Root Cola River (it isn't contaminated)


  • Sam Rudi


  • It is a nonalcoholic drink(but really addictive).

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