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Root Beer
Mmm Root Beer...
Vital statistics
Type Nonalcoholic root flavored cola
Effects Tastiness
Source Sam Rudi
Location Now in many restaurants.
Cost to buy 100 coins
Cost to sell Why would you want to sell such a refreshing drink?

Root Beer is a popular beverage in Antarctica that is the only non-Fat item in McDoodle's. It was also launched in the restaurant, but rumors state that it could be a false statement. Root Beer is available nationwide, and is produced by SCRBF only.


In 2004 Sam Rudi created a drink called Root Beer and he convinced the local McDoodle's to sell it. It became very popular but made people fat. Soonhired a team of chemists to create a cola that wouldn't make people fat. When they came up with a formula they tested it at a lemonade stand. The testers drank a lot of it and didn't make the drinker get fat. It was released to the public and became the second most popular soft drink behind Cream Soda.

In 2004, Sam Rudi concocted a beverage in his own laboratory, and named it 'Root Beer' after the root used in it and the 'beer' that was added to make it bubbly. He started a company, known as the SRBF, or Sam Rudi Beer Factory. It convinced McDoodle's to sell their new creation, and it soon became the next phenomenon. However, it increased the spread of the Fat disease that eventually lead to a recall of all Root Beer products in their inventory. Sam Rudi hired a team of chemists to fix the problem, and they did using a formula they tested at a nearby lemonade stand. Soon, it was back on the shelves and ready for sale.

It went public in 2006, and thanks to Corai, its success increased twofold. The SRBF became the SCRBF, including Corai's name, and is currently the only company that manafactures and distributes the root beer.

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