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Ronald Fish-Slapper
Ronald Fish-Slapper
Don't you eyeball me!
Vital statistics
Title Teacher
Gender Male
Race Khanz Penguin
Faction Evil
Health Deceased
Level Unknown
Status Deceased
Location Somewhere burried under 5,000 feet of ice

Ronald Fish-Slapper was the founder of the Anti-Imagination Fish-Slapping Reformitory School and was a very evil penguin. He would often trick penguins into sending their Chicks to his school by showing them fake brochures. He almost managed to destroy Midas and Herb.


Ronald grew up in Pengolia and like most Khanz Penguins, he was very grumpy. Ever since he was a young chick he dispised creativity and all things imaginative. As he got older he fought in Colonial Antarctica and eventually recieved a medal of honor. He then went on to found his terrible care-filled concentrate camp school and soon many penguins sent their chicks to the school. When the chicks first arrived they had all of the feathers shaved off of their head and were forced to think inside the box.

Fifteen years later, Midas and Herb were sent to the school due to Canren finally busting them (everyone, minus Canren and Franky, got brainwashed in the end). It took a lot of work, but he finally managed to crush their spirits. On a side note, Ronald also managed to cure Midas' obbession with gold.

Soon however Canren and Franky the Squealer managed to break in and rescue them. They treid to get Midas and Herb back to normal and eventually they succeeded. Ronald chased after them though. He managed to catch up with the four penguins, but when he ran towards them to grab Midas and Herb he accidenlty ran onto an old bridge that broke when he got on it. He then began to fall and soon he hit the ground very hard. Large pieces of ice then fell down and Ronald died.


With Ronald dead, the Anti-Imagination Fish-Slapping Reformitory School was shut down and turned into a gigantic McDoodles complex. Some say that his ghost still haunts the building though and that he's still trying to get chicks to despise imagination.


  • He's a parody of the founder of the Smile-Away Reformitory School from Phineas and Ferb.
  • He was a major Khanzem fan.

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