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Rona Mae Lendefell
Image caption
Vital statistics
Title Surfer
Gender Female
Race Penguin
Faction Surfing
Health Healthy
Level 150
Status Surfing...somewhere
Location Clearwater Island

Rona Lendfell is a free-living surfer, and sister to Eve Lendfell. She has many surfing awards and is a professional surfer, along with many others.


She was hatched in Beachville a few months after her sister. There were no schools in Beachville, so her parents sent her to live with relatives in Eastshield for her education. She attended the prestigious Penguin Prep and Penguin State University with her sister. She was an excellent swimmer and surfer from the start. When she finished her schooling, she went back to ride the waves in Clearwater Island. She has a red puffle, who is her surfing companion. She also obtained a CyberAqua gem, like her sister. She also has a legendary golden surfboard, which has been the subject of much controversy, because of its unusual color and tricks that can be preformed by mastering riding the board. Many people who haven't seen her in action with it claim that it is fake.


She is a surfer on Clearwater Island and she also designs surfboards in her spare time. She also has teamed up with her sister in various photograping projects in the past. She has been compared to Cody Maverick in nuemerous ways.


  • She has a legendary gold surfboard and a CyberAqua gem.
  • She has a red puffle that is good friends with Yarr.
  • Her favorite colors are blue and green.
  • She ALWAYS has a surfboard with her.
  • Both of the Lendfell sisters HATE their middle names.

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