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Rollback Remote
Useful until the source code was changed.
Vital statistics
Type Remote
Effects Malfunctioning
Source Department of Science
Location BoF
Cost to buy N/A
Cost to sell 1 coin [used to be N/A]

The Rollback Remote was a very popular rollbacking device until its source code got changed by a hacker. It is now deemed useless and is succeeded by the Rollback Gun.


The Rollback Remote has two buttons: a rollback button and an undo button. Neither do anything ever since its source code has been changed.


When the RTF was founded, they needed a weapon. The Department of Science in the BoF worked overtime to create a weapon for the RTF. Eventually, they came up with something. It was a remote with two buttons. One would undo and the other would rollback. It was really popular when it first came out even though it was big. But one day, a hacker found the source code and changed it so the buttons would do nothing but screeching noises. He soon got succeeded by the Rollback Gun and got disabled.


The Rollback Remote has two buttons. One rollbacks something, and the other undoes the rollback. However, it only could rollback something 10 feet away from it. Also, it was very faulty, and would only fire once out of every five shots. Not only that, but it had no other features. It was pretty much useless. Also, it was a very large remote. It was the size of an Ipad. This made it very inconvienient.


Unluckily for the Rollback Remote, it was quickly replaced by the Rollback Gun when XTUX and Austin.Inc created it. Mayor McFlapp didn’t like that, but it was extremely popular among the workers. He tried to ban it, but he had some problems. His edits kept getting rollbacked. Eventually, it became too popular to weed out, and it became officially accepted by the BoF.


  • Another version was created for the Masters. It still wasn't that great.

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