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Rollback Gun
The coolest weapon in the universe.
Vital statistics
Type Rollback Device
Effects Rollbacking whatever it hits.
Source XTUX and Austin.Inc
Cost to buy Priceless (at XTUX and Austin.Inc for 2000 pebbles)
Cost to sell Priceless

Rollback Guns are special devices made by the Bureau of Fiction for their workers that rollback objects.


One day in the Bureau of Fiction, XTUX Hun and Austin8310 were working in the Bureau of Fiction when XTUX complained that he hated having to rollback with a tiny remote, as it "Isn't COOL enough!" and Austin agreed.

They spent long hours in stealing various inventor's inventions and putting them all together into one compact device that looked like a pistol, and then sending the work off to Director Benny for his approval.

Director Benny did not approve of them for being "an unnecessary version of the already "good" rollback remote, plus the new device looks like a COC breaking gun", and threw the guns in the garbage.

However, before they could be destroyed by the garbage compressor, Austin and XTUX heroically rescued the gun. Austin nearly killed himself, but XTUX got them out of there.

McFlapp hated them and tried to delete them, but found that his edits were always rollbacked by those pesky guns and eventually he accepted them as the predecessor to the (now defunct) Rollback Remote and distributed them amongst the workers, while not giving any to XTUX and Austin.

The two friends, who were jealous that the credit had been taken away from them, made an improved version and started selling them to CIVILIANS!

Director Benny did not approve.

On December 17th, 2009, the two friends started a company called XTUX and Austin.Inc and started making improved version of the rollback gun.


Rollback Guns are small non-lethal pistols that rollback objects.

Explorer or some science geek, please write a long description of how this works!

Modified Version[]

XTUX and Austin.Inc sells a modified rollback gun with the following features:

  • Lethal Rollbacking: Rollbacking whatever it hits so far that it is essentially deleted.
  • Protection Shielding: Makes an (almost) impenetrable force field around whatever it hits by changing it's article's protection status.
  • Reanimation: Rollbacking a dead object far enough to reanimate it.
  • Confetti Launcher: For use in parades.


  • Rollback Guns are among the most highly prized weapons in the universe, and out of 100,000 penguins on average, out of those 100,000, only 100 people normaly have a rollback gun.
  • Civilians are not supposed to have or even see them, but some do get their hands on modified versions.

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