Club Penguin Fan Universe

Penguin Robot
It is Beautiful... with some malfunctions
Vital statistics
Title Robonox Protocol Number 1
Gender Male
Race Robot
Faction Cleans Things.
Health Robotic.
Level Computer
Status Working.
Location Formerly the Keukenhof Castle, Zurich, but now in CP

Robonox is a Robot that was created by Fisch, Swiss Ninja's brother.


One day, Fisch had an idea. He wanted to create something that would do his chores for him. (Swiss gave Fisch chores to do since he lives at the castle.) He decided to make a robot. Swiss allowed him to use his laboratory. Within a week, Fisch made the blueprints, bought the parts, and began building. The robot turned out to be functional when completed. He went with Fisch to CP during his immigration.


These are malfunctions that Fisch has not fixed.

  • Robo thinks Bellina is a dust bunny and tries to "clean" her.
  • 1 hour of Darkness When it is still on can make it go insane.
  • The Robot Can't See the Color Yellow.


  • Fisch uses him to solve complicated Math problems

  • Robo was also programmed to fight if neccecary.

  • He also was programmed to feel some emotion.

  • He can recharge himself with built in Solar panels that store themselves.

  • He can turn himself on and off by himself.

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