Club Penguin Fan Universe

Vital statistics
Title The robot version of Flywish
Gender Male
Race Robots
Faction Flywish's Army
Health He's a robot
Level 4565947859067283
Status Helping Flywish with his problems
Location Flywish's Base

Robo-Flywish is a robot that 12yz12ab created for Flywish's Army.


When 12yz12ab made him he gave the robot to Flywish. Radal then showed up and deactivated him. However Flywish reactivated him and made him indestructable. He became soo powerful he had eyes in the back of his head and had a brain. Then Flywish decided to put his robot with the Superpower Giver 3000. Robo-Flywish then fused with it and duplicated another one. He then got the power to zap penguins and make them have the super powers they wanted.


He is friends with Robo-Gary however he is not evil. Robo-Gary doesn't care if he's evil or not and just stays friends with him.


  • He onces pushed Wocker out of a tree that Wocker was using to spy on Flywish.
  • He can fuse together with other robots
  • All of Xorai's Army always try to destroy him but it is epic fail. The only way for him to "die" is of dust in his cords.
    • Though water can damage it and temporally shut it down.

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