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Robert Hun
Robert Hun image
Robert, before death.
Vital statistics
Title Unknown
Gender Male
Race Penguin/Ghost
Faction Good
Health Deceased
Level 100
Status Deceased
Location Body:Hun Family Graveyard

Ghost: Travels


Robert Hun is Ben Hun's father.


Robert hun hatched on Awesome Island. He happened to be quite heroic and a good leader, and started the HunEmpire (and actually kept it running). By the age of 10 he had discovered that he had powers which he used to battle monsters all over antartica.He died in 2009 for some unknown reason the very day before his son Ben Hun hatched. He was a very good weapon collecter, and had a large arsenal of them. When he died, these were hidden.

After he died, Mayor McFlapp gave him a ghost pass.

Later, he returned as a ghost. He and Ben Hun learned fo eachtogher, and it was friendship at first sight. The two were good friends. Robert and Ben Hun both shared a hate for Maniac OOC Extremists and one night, they decided to end it once and for all. However, this went terribly wrong, and both spent two weeks in a (non-MOOCE) jail for calling "Explorer" names and "theft" of his shovel. They were released (much to the MOOCE's dismay) and gave up on destroying the MOOCE. Despite the fact Robert Hun only supplied Ben Hun with a few non-lethal weapons.

Lost Staff of Robert Hun[]

Robert Hun had a staff similar to the Time Travel Staff before he died, he also had a arrangement of [[Robert Hun's Stash of Lost weaponry. It, unlike the Time Trvael Staff, was made for combat. It could not time travel, but it could do some pretty good damage.

Along with the other weapons, it was lost. No one knows where it is. Yet a A Skeletal creation of SkeleMaster as amassed a small army to find the weapon.

Lost Staff Trivia[]

  • IT is Nonlethal.
  • Its a lost weapon.
  • Its a parady of the "Lost Sword of El Patron" from Pirates of The Carrbiean Online.


  • He loved chocolate milkshakes just like his son Ben hun
  • He was friends with Mr.Rare
  • He is a ghost, nowadays.
  • He has a deep hatred for Maniac OOC Extremists.

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