Club Penguin Fan Universe


Vital statistics:

Title: Hacker Elite

Gender: Female

Race: Dorkugese Penguin

Faction: Class 10 hacker, cute, somewhat nerdy

Health: Perfect

Level: 10 hacker

Status: Getting into the databases of villains

Location: Lives in Dorkugal

thumb|186px|left|Rika's theme song. (techinically it belongs to Axel F, but oh well.)


Mollie is a Dorkugese Penguin who played an integral part in the dreaded Mission 13, along with Psyche, Kaylie, Jobert, G, Sensei, and the rest of the Anti-Darktan army. She is famous for hacking Herbert's main computer and found critical info that could help in defeating Darktan. She also sent help to the rest of the army. She is also famous for biting Herbert right before he set of a huge bomb. She was then awarded a medal and a lifetime supply of cookies. She lives in Dorkugal with her Puffle, spot.