Club Penguin Fan Universe
Leo! It's a Shadow Card!
Vital statistics
Title Shadow Finder
Gender Female
Race Penguin
Faction None
Health Good
Level 10
Status Helping Leo out in battle
Location Travels
Occupation Leo's Friend
Interests Drawing, Love Stories, Studying, Helping to keep Card-Jitsu clean and pure
Powers Able to telepathically sense evil and/or cheating in Card and PKMN-Jitsu
Friends Leo
Enemies Shadow, Inc., Team Stealem
Archetype Good

Ren is the best friend of Leo, and helped to stop cheating and evil in Card and PKMN-Jitsu. She has special abilities allowing her to detect the aura of a Shadow Card before it is even pulled out in a match, proving indispensable for Leo's mission.


Ren hatched in Warmslates with a bizarre ability to notice darkness in everything. If a shadow just barely moved, she saw it. This improved over time, being only able to notice things that really stuck out that no one noticed. She eventually began to detect the aura of evil itself, something that plunged her into an adventure she would never forget.

One day, Ren noticed that two penguins were playing a suspicious game of Card-Jitsu. She noted that one of the cards being played had a horrible black glow around it. Ren asked why the card looked like that and they both panicked, even though they couldn't see anything. They took a bag and duct tape and made sure no one could notice there plan. They hid her in a MyphCo supply closet so she could not reveal the secret. Leo rescued her after beating the two penguins in a battle of PKMN-Jitsu.


Ren is the helper of Leo in a battle to stop Shadow, Inc. from cheating in and destroying both Card and PKMN-Jitsu, and to stop them from using it for evil.


  • Her ability is said to be passed down from her grandmother, who too could sense abnormalities in creatures and items that are not normally noticeable.

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