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The Red Wolf is a species of the Common Wolf that ranges from UnitedTerra, Club Penguin Island, Auzua Mostafique and Angel Island. It was first spotted in 1880 by Alemanian geologist, Luca Collegata, And eat animals such as Nilgai and enemies to Cougars and Alligators. They live in packs, Ranging from 10 female sand 10 males and dozens of little puppies! They were used as skin for the ancient Experimental Penguin tribes, Back in the 1700s, for clothes and foods. They are quite fast runners and live in forests, Jungles and mountainous areas. Unfortunately, They are in the Critically endangered category, Reason is because of wild game hunting.


The red wolf is a species of different wolves such as the common Grey Wolf, And the other relative being the Coyote, And even the Jackal.

  1. Canis Rufus



Speed: 38 MPH

Weight: 61 lbs.

Scientific Name: Canis Rufus

Class: Mammal