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The Red East Pengolion Terroists ('REPT) is a major terroist group. A group of East Pengolion terroists, they raid anywhere, mostly West Pengolia and Club Penguin Island. They believe that Western Pengolions hate Eastern Khanz Penguins (true), and that all nations think the same.

The EPF have warned the public, and released a action plan. Professor Shroomsky of the AIA has also released an action plan, though his involves staying out of their way and contacting any and all authorities, as well as attacking them head-on when possible.



Bolsheevic Penguinsky, East Pengolia's leader, openly disagrees and speaks out against these raids. Their reply is that "we're doing this for greater good". However, the truth is that they capture the innocent, spray them with laughing gas, and rob them (after that, they let the victim go). They will even attack their own comrades (AKA other socialist supporters) if they don't like the group or its actions.


  • Bolsheevic Penguinsky states that "attacking Capitalist Noobs is a waste of time and the worker's resources". He claims that instead of attacking the Noobs, "be productive and show them by works and not violence".

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