Club Penguin Fan Universe
Vital statistics
Title Flywish's father
Gender Male
Race Emporer Penguin
Faction Flywish's Family
Health Good
Level High
Status Alive
Location Flywish's Mansion
Occupation Gold miner, dollmaker, manager for a store in Flywish Island, DJ at the Rose memorial Night Club
Interests Working, having fun, lot's more
Friends Flywish, Kyle, Justine Wish, Flywish II, Martha Wish, Corai, Gruff, Chuck von Injoface
Enemies Surray, Oble, JayJay, Xorai, Penelope O'vian, Darktan, Stoss
Archetype Nice guy

Raywish is the father of Flywish and the wife of Justine Wish and the grandfather of Flywish II, Martha Wish, and the "grandfather" all of the Mwa Mwa Penguins Lwalwaelmo adopts.


As a Chick he used to skateboard, listen to music, and other stuff. He always had friends at school. He even became as strong as Flywish. He later met a beautiful penguin named Justine who was a relative of the Pungies at the time. Raywish later started dating her and they later married. They hatched about 6 chicks. One of those chicks was Your most known Anti-Villain. Flywish was scared at first but Raywish managed to get him brave. That ended with Flywish becoming a Mwa Mwa Penguin after Rose said she would never love him. Ray and his wife quickly fed a Nummy Cake to Flywish and Flywish became a normal penguin. Raywish was very proud that his son went back to school to marry Rose. Later Rose was poisoned by DTA which caused Raywish to go into a deep depression because of how Flywish reacted at her funeral. Raywish finally told Flywish to seek revenge. So this shows that Raywish is the reason Flywish is planning revenge. Later, Flywish's death occured. Raywish and Justine freaked out knowing that their favorite son was gone. Then a restored Flywish let them live in his mansion due to the events that occured in Raywish and Justine's house after they found out Flywish was killed.


Raywish loves all of his jobs. He often helps funding for von Injofaces because he really likes them. He also loves to skateboard sometimes and he also loves to see all of his son's hard work on the island.


He has raised a bunch of Chicks in the Wish Family which include: Flywish, Kyle, Stoss, Maywish, Jaywish, PWNwish, ETC.


  • Flywish is his favorite son.
  • He thinks Robert O'vian is cute.
  • He strangely is scared of Fierycold.
  • Despite Flywish no longer hating him, He despises Xorai.
  • He hates almost every Yishran except for Gruff.
  • He loves all of the von Injofaces except for That evil DTA von Injoface

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