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The Raptor Crime Ring are a group of wannabe walrus. They are actually walrus who decided to split and form their own group. They're actually idiots, who cant even stage a robbery. instead, they take the credit for things the Walrus Crime Ring does. They're named after a sort of "dinosaur", called Raptors. They create fake banks, insitutions, organisations etc and stage fake attacks. The Walrus Crime Ring has every single piece of infomation about every members.

Recently, it's HQ was deleted by another wannable walrus group but it is believed that it's actually the Raptor Crime Ring.


The Raptor Crime Ring was formed by Oscar Vital Dog or "Austin", a reject from the Walrus Crime Ring. He set up an organisation, known as the Raptor Crime Ring and began to impersonate them. He claimed that raids were all done by the Raptor Crime Ring. Any other walruses associated with him are unknown, except for two, JustapLaya123, or "Chris" and Viper Flame, a former Walrus Warehouse vandaliser, who joined the raptors before quiting. They came to an "end" when a "rival" group called the LWMMB Crime Ring came into power and "deleted" the Raptor HQ. However the LWMMB Crime Ring is thought to be a fake organisation created by Austin. They had many "members" until the leader, "CSS" (Austin?), kicked them out, leaving only "Goku" (Chris?). Another rival group, the WMML Crime Ring appeared but it was believed to be a puppet of the LWMMB Crime Ring. Today, the Raptor Crime Ring LWMMB Crime Ring continues to stage fake raids stolden from Walrus.


  • It is believed that Austin's brother Jolteon787 was once part of it.