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Randall P. Sherman
Randall image
Randall with his umbrella.
Vital statistics
Title Randall
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Faction Vandal
Health Health
Level Level
Status Alive
Location Club Penguin
Occupation Unemployed, vandal
Friends Str00del Force
Enemies CPW
Archetype Villain

Randall is a vandal that constantly vandalizes the Clubb Phengin Weekee.


Randall was raised in a tough neighborhood which was inhabited by Jerks. The exact location of his neighborhood is not known, but it is believed to be in The Slums. The Jerks teased him because of his accent and politeness. He grew up untrusting, and cold. He often wandered the streets without purpose. One day, he found cans of red and blue spray paint. He saw an old umbrella, and painted it. Instantly, spray painting was his passion. He vandalized various buildings with colorful slogans and large pictures expressing his past life. Randall travelled all over Antarctica, and finally found the Clubb Phengin Weekee. He still vandalizes to this day, a proud member of the Str00del Force.


Randall is a vandal, but actually, inside he is a lonely penguin who loves to paint. Various job offers have been sent to him, but he just tears them up.


  • Randall carries the old umbrella he painted everywhere. The tip is a sharpened paintbrush.
  • His favorite colours are blue and red.

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