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Ramble n Jacks also known as the N brothers are two puffles owned by Questionmrk2. They are very cute and were Questionmrk2's first two puffles.



Ramble is loyal and likes to stick with his brother, but they will often get into lots of mischief, mainly just Ramble. Ramble will often run around and "appear" to be lost. However, eventually Jacks will blow his location sooner or later.


Jacks is a great listener and would much rather read a book then go surfing. He always tries to make sure Ramble is doing the right thing, but, being the younger of the two, will just get into mischief anyways. He often recalls "the olden days".


The N Bros have two cousins, Pesto and Lone Star. They play with them a lot and are much close to Pesto than Lone Star, mainly because Lone Star recently entered Questionmrk2's igloo. They might have a third cousin but it is unknown.


  • They were Questionmrk2's first puffles and were bought when he didn't have a membership.
  • Ramble is red and Jacks is blue.
  • It is unknown why they call themselves the N Bros.

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