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Very few have ever seen him, and even fewer live to tell about it.
Vital statistics
Title Malcur's Steed
Gender Genderless
Race Dark Power (resembles a large Skua)
Faction Evil
Health Excellent
Level Unknown
Status Being Malcur's Steed
Location The Void

Ralar is a highly concentrated form of Dark Power that resembles a large Skua created by Malcur. It has no gender (though Malcur allways refers to it as a he so that's what he'll be refered by usually in this article) and it can't speak (unless you count a terrifying shreak as speaking). It has served as Malcur's Steed and he will usually ride it in battle.


Ralar was created a bit after the Shadow Amulet's creation. Using energy from the object Malcur was able to create a terrifying creature whose power rivaled that of the entire High Penguin Army. He named the creature Ralar which was an ancient High Penguin name meaning Sunset. He expected that this creature would allow him to conquer the High Penguin Confederacy like how night conquers the day. Fortunatley he would never get the chance to see as Finwe would later banish Malcur, Malcur's servant Opacus, and Ralar to Void were they would spend all enternity until their deaths. However the void couldn't hold them forever and soon they managed to escape.

In the year 1916 Malcur and Opacus returned riding Ralar into the High Penguin capital. together with some of their old followers they wreaked havoc in the place and Malcur himself slew Finwe. Fortunatley a young penguin named Triskelle managed to get the Light Amulet from his deceased friend only to be lifted up by Ralar. It looked like it was over for Triskelle, but thankfully he used the light amulet to severelly injure Ralar who then dropped the penguin. Triskelle then used the Water Amulet to lower himself down. Malcur, Opacus, and Ralar were soon sent back to the Void by Triskelle, but not without a cost. Many citizens of the city had been injured and some even killed. We can only hope the Malcur and his beast won't make yet another return.


Ralar has served Malacur for many years. It bears a large glowing scar on his face which was where Triskelle injured it with the Light Amulet. He has a mask built by Malcur that cover's it though and he's still as powerfull as ever.


Ralar has tremendous strength, can fly, and he can become even stronger if given even more Dark Energy.


Ralar can become severely injured when attacked with Light related weapons. To much light it's self can even injure him.


  • He's a slight parody of Ganondorf's Steed from The Legend of Zelda series.

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