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Radio and Television of Freezeland (RTF)
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Vital statistics
Type Broadcasting company
Effects Entertainment
Source Television
Location 100
Cost to buy 49 fyro a month (television bill)
Cost to sell Not for sale

Radio and Television of Freezeland, or simply RTF, is the primary public service broadcaster of Penguinia, New Freezeland and MAI Freezeland. It produces both programs and also broadcasts them, along with other programs, on television, radio and the Internet. Based in Frostborough, New Freezeland, it employs around three thousand penguins, one of the largest employers in the country.


Olde Freezeland (defunct)[]

  • RTF1 - News.
  • RTF2 - Entertainment, sitcoms, comedy, movies.
  • RTF3 - Chicks programming, educational programming.
  • RTF4 - Weather, celebrity gossip, music, etc.
  • RTF5 - Sports.
  • Emrgncy - Emergency broadcasting station.

Common Channels[]

These channel numbers are shared between the three countries. The channel numbers are not 1 or 2 due to these reasons:

  • Penguinia and New Freezeland - Channels 1 and 2 reserved for Snowlerzand/local channels.
  • MAI Freezeland - Channel 1 reserved for MAI local channel. Channel 2 reserved for local channel operated jointly by RTF and MAI Freezeland's broadcasters.
  • RTF3 - Channel 3

Broadcasts news and weather reports and fits in live/pilot episodes of/premiere sitcoms, movies or others during the morning, afternoon and night. Broadcasted from Frostborough.

  • RTF4 - Channel 4

Broadcasts syndicated sitcoms, comedies and movies. Broadcasted from Frostborough.

  • RTF5 - Channel 5

Broadcasts sports and educational programming. Broadcasted from Frostborough.

  • RTFChicks - Channel 12

Broadcasts chicks programming.

  • Emergency Channel - Channel 19

A substitute for RTF1 when cable broadcasting is shut off.

Penguinian Channels[]

These channel numbers are only available within Penguinia. These channels are under 'Penguinian-Freezelandian Broadcasting Network'.

Cable Channels:

  • PFBN7 - Penguinian Channel 7
  • Eightofachannel - Penguinian Channel 8

Digital Channels:

  • PFBN Comedy - Digital Channel 141
  • PFBN News - Digital Channel 327
  • PFBN Chicks - Digital Channel 500
  • PFBN Sports - Digital Channel 508
  • PFBN Edu - Digital Channel 693

MAI Freezelandian Channels[]

MAI Freezelandian Channels are a joint collabaration between local broadcasters and RTF.

Cable Channels:

  • MAIRTF - MAI Channel 2
  • MAIRTFextra - MAI Channel 11

Digital Channels:

  • MAIRTF305 - Digital Channel 305
  • MAIRTF602 - Digital Channel 602
  • MAIRTFNEWS - Digital Channel 701

New Freezelandian Channels[]

RTF has no New Freezelandian channels. However, in a statement, it claimed that the common channels shared between the three countries is, in fact, New Freezelandian channels.

International Channels[]

RTF also has international channels. These were during the pre-Snowzerland era, thus being the oldest channels from RTF still in existence.

Broadcasts from [[Club Penguin. Opened early in 2007.

  • RTF+FG - FG

Currently being updated, thus not available.

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