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Race Of a Century
The Race to reveal a secret
Vital statistics
Participants Pablodepablo, Gangyo
Date September 30th, 2009
Location Loop Stadium

This is the Race of a Century, a race with Gangyo and Pablodepablo racing in LOOP STADIUM!

The event[]

Read my Pablodepablo article to see how it started.

It was a dark night, yet penguins were still awake, watching the race that would reveal where Pablodepablo's family was. Pablodepablo swiftly turned, yet Gangyo got above him. Pablodepablo tried not to crash into a spike, but there were too many. He had to jump OUT OF HIS CYCLE to get to the next part. He clinged to Gangyo's cycle like a mwa mwa penguin to a parent. The finish line was almost there, and Pablodepablo ran to it!


Pablodepablo won! Gangyo said that his family was on an island called Razorbeak Island, and they agreed that Gangyo would take care of his mansion while Pablodepablo was gone.

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