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Quarter-Life (video game)
Coming soon.
Vital statistics
Type M rated game
Effects Total alien penguin war
Source Gravity's sequel
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Cost to buy 2000 pebbles
Cost to sell 1200 pebbles

Quarter-Life is the sequel to the award winning game Gravity. It will come soon in a few months time. Probably.


It is about a company called Black Iceberg Science and Research Centre. A penguin known as Andy Lonepuffle is assigned the job of fixing the version four H.E.P. Suit, wear it and test it on the new Teleportation system. By the time he gets there, a Str00del spy rewires the machine and teleports Gordon to a strange world called Yin.

Once He gets teleported back in the machine, The whole building is under attack by aliens. Andy tries to fight his way out until he gets to another teleportation machine which is on the other side of the large complex.


(from Chronological order)

  • Welder (Temporary)
  • Hammer (Right mouse button = Other side of Hammer)
  • BB pistol
  • Rubber Slug Pump-action Shotgun
  • MP5 BB Submachinegun (w/ "Goonade" Launcher)

Levels (Demo version)[]

  • The Training Facility = "Ditto"
  • New Arrivals = Level 1
  • The Suit = Level 2
  • Things Gone Wrong = Level 3
  • Away, Out! = Level 4
  • When "Help" Arrives = Level 5


  • All the long-range weapons only use BB pellets.
  • Only the Demo has been given out.
  • Only 25 have been sold since Saturday, 8/8/2009.
  • Quarter-Life is a parody of Half Life, Black Iceberg is a parody of Black Mesa, The 'yin' Borderworld is a parody of Xen and Andy Lonepuffle is a parody of Gordon Freeman.


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Prequel = Gravity