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Python on Planes
Developer(s)The PoP Team
Initial releaseNovember 25, 2007
Stable release3.1 / April 30, 2010
Preview release4.0 weekly / June 11, 2010
Written inPython
Operating systemPenguin OS, Peach OS Z
Development statusActive
TypeWeb application framework

Python on Planes is a web application development framework, offering an MVC or PHP-like model of web development.


Version history and conventions[]

Each .0 release is released on January on the year, and include major changes. The framework is stable, but only recommended for early adopters or programmers perparing their applications for it.

The .1 releases are launched on April of the year, and have bug fixes and minor new features. The .1 releases are recommended if you want a stable environment.

Pre-release versions are released all the time, and are bleeding-edge releases.

Minor bugfixes are released in-between .1 and .0 releases.

Version Date Notes
0.1 November 26, 2007 First release, created before convention
1.0 January 15, 2008 First stable release, first .0 release, first release following conventions
1.1 April 3, 2008 First .1 release
1.1.1 June 2, 2008 Fixes bug related to Unicode support
1.1.2 June 3, 2008 Fixes critical bug that prevents compilation
2.0 January 15, 2009 New features include scaffolding
2.1 April 22, 2009
2.1.1 October 17, 2009 Fixes bug related to database connectivity
3.0 January 15, 2010 New features include PHP style
3.1 April 30, 2010


Notable applications built on Python on Planes[]

PoP is perhaps the most popular web dev framework in Antarctica, but these are the most notable.

Sample code[]

This code contains a basic webpage that generates a message containing the HTTP headers on runtime. This code uses the PHP style.

<head><title>This message with headers is generated on runtime</title></head>
import pop

print "Hello world! Your user agent is:' + page_request.http_headers