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Purple Wolf5
The Ninja, Purple Wolf.
Vital statistics
Title Ninja
Gender Male
Race Macaroni Penguin
Faction Member
Health Excellent
Status Intelligent
Location Travels mostly

Purple Wolf5 is Falcoz 's brother, and gets along well with him. Purple Wolf is a very intelligent penguin although he reminds himself that he still isn't a brainy nerd like these guys.


Purple Wolf5 is a loner except for a few friends. His closest friend is his brother Falcoz. He hangs out with Winston from time to time but mostly is on the move. The only thing known about his past to peenguins outside his family is that he was an excellent student even though he was home schooled. Whenever penguins see him they talk among themselves usually saying, "Why is he wearing that hooded cape?" or, "Look at that odd penguin." However Wolf has extremely developed hearing and sight and is aware of everything they say.


A purple penguin who wears a black cape with a hood. He also has long black hair. Unknown to almost every single penguin who sees him. His pupil is an amethystine color (deep purple). On one particular occasion a young penguin asked him about his cape. The penguin asked, "Mister, why do you wear that cape?" Purple Wolf looked down and said, "This cape is not an ordinary cape. It can be used to protect me." The penguin, confused, responded, "How?" While smiling Wolf said, "It will warn me when danger is coming by tightening around me, and if I want to, it can teleport me." With that he walked away.


He is an EPF agent, member, and ninja. Was recently assigned to keeping a watch on the borders of all the nations in the USA. Although he is a member of the EPF which is kept top secret, the PSA stated that he is a simple agent keeping a watch for leopard seals and skuas. The real reason is that he is keeping an eye out for any signs of Darktan or his armies.


Just about all the time he has a blank expression. Once when he was passing through Sunshine Fjord he passed by Luce. When Luce greeted him with a hello, all he did was look at her and nodded.


  • His cape is mysterious since even the Snell-Libros have no record on anything even remotely similar to it.
  • Some penguins call him crazy for not adoring Luce even when he met her face to face.

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