Club Penguin Fan Universe

Purple Team

Purple Team member

Vital statistics
Title Purple Team
Gender Male/Female
Race Penguins
Faction Purple Team
Health Fit
Level 135
Status Alive
Location Any sport grounds

There are Red Team and Blue Team, but some penguins who are on both teams say they are on purple team (as red and blue make purple). It was created by Purple Penguin. The Purple Team is not very famous around Club Penguin. 2 of the team members are evil, probably convinced that they can turn on their teamates if times get rough. However, one of the evil guys went good. They are arch enemies with the Orange Team.

They're experts at baseball and surfing. If Card Jitsu was a sport, they would be experts at that too.


Before the Penguin Games, a penguin named Purple Penguin came along and decided to create a team for supporters of both teams. They didn't have scores of penguins joining immediately like the Red Team or the Blue Team and they're are not exactly pros. They are, however, getting better and there is chance that they might beat Blue Team at football. Apart from that, they're good all-rounders.


Since Purple Team is not famous, not much is known about. What is known about them is that they're good all rounders, have won a few games, they're becoming pros and that they soon would be able to beat Blue Team at football.

Team Members[]


  • It's surprising that Herbert Horror is still part of the team despite being evil. He should get kicked out.