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Punch Beaktoiski
Kick Buttowski parody
Vital statistics
Title Your Local Daredevil and X-Press Maker
Gender Male
Race Adelie penguin
Health Not a bone broken... yet.
Level Expert stuntsman, aged ten
Status Probably doing something involving outstanding and dangerous feats of skill and risk.
Location South Pole City
Occupation Actor (2008 - present)
Interests Stunts
Friends Many, and X-Treme Penguin's only friend. Waterley (1999 - 2003)
Enemies Rad, Waterley (2oo3 - present)
Archetype Good, Evil (Possessed by Waterley in 2004)


His skateboard

Punch Beakostki, or just Beak, is a daredevil chick.

Beak was always that Chick that enjoyed danger, he constantly pranked as well. He became a local celebrity of the South Pole City neighborhood he lived in. For a while, Beak was pranked, but started doing stunts to stop being pranked. Having made friends, Rad pranked more often after they stopped.


Beak hatched in 1998 and lived a normal life until his brother, Rad came back from college. He dared him to do a stunt, and Beak failed. Rad quickly laughed and mocked Beak for his failure. Later, and after much practice, Beak attempted again. He succeeded, and Rad had to eat soap. Beak actually enjoyed the stunt, and started doing it more often, and, over time, his voice deepened prematurely. Thus Punch Beaktoiski was born.


Beak does stunts for fun and the entertainment of his neighbors. He has many friends and one enemy. He even has a Revenge List, but all twenty five creatures on this list are Rad.


  • Danger Dude.
  • Brat (By Rad)
  • Daily Wazzapee (Karl)
  • Moron (Watley)


  • He, strangely, has a very deep voice for a chick.
  • He is a parody of Kick Buttowski.
  • He HATES his brother, Rad.
  • He's a major Daredevil.
  • He has no shame, even though he has been humiliated endlessly.
  • He never takes his daredevil clothes off.
  • He is very smart.
  • He takes Geek as a compliment, so all his friends call him it.
    • Beak is not a nerd, though.
  • He fails his stunts more than he succeeds, but his perserverence always results in him succeeding the next try.
  • He loves New York for some reason, possibly a reaction to Madonna's randomness montage from 1999.


  • He, despite being so brave and smart, is easily hurt.
  • As a young penguin, he is very fragile and can easily hurt himself.
  • He is excessively gullible.
  • He does things that seriously injure him, humiliate him, or get him in trouble daily.
  • He can be manipulated if his parents are in danger.
  • Beak is very obediant.
    • When his parents order him to do something, he feels bound to do it, even during his stunts. In fact, he is so literal in obediance to his parents, that he will often take his orders onto his stunts. For instance, Beak was once ordered to watch over a neighbor's puffle. His parents stated that "the puffle was not to leave his sight at any time". That day, he performed a stunt jumping over Frost Clock Tower in a mine cart. That puffle happened to be in the cart with him from start to finish.
  • Sharp pencils, as mentioned by Waterley in 'Portal 2: Commentary by Waterley'.

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