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The Great Puffle Tribe Of The North.
Vital statistics
Title Very, Very Dangerous Puffles
Gender Male or Female
Race Wild Puffle
Faction Evil
Health Poor (eating nothing but penguin is bad for your health)
Level EVIL!
Status Currently eating delicious penguins stew.
Location Probably the forest on Gentoo Island.

The Puffle Tribe Of The North is a mysterious puffle tribe up-north of Gentoo Island, far above the PASA base.


Kwiksilver, after being accepted into the PASA, took a walk in Gentoo Island Forest with Sprocket. He found a roll of film on the ground and developed it. The only picture he could make out was a large puffle tribe eating soup, and an unknown explorer dodging a fork.

It is unknown what happened to him.


They are a vicious breed of puffles, which, like the Shporgshel, eat penguins. Make note that they cook the penguins, while the sheep eat them whole. Their leader is a multicolored striped puffle. If you come across them, run away. Immediately... unless you wish to become lunch!


  • Not much is known about them. There will be an expedition later this year.
  • Mabel is rumored to be a tribe puffle. This was proven false.
  • They are NOT part of Darktan's army.
  • If there are no penguins to eat, the Tribal puffles prefer candy and pine tree needles.

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