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Puffle Times Three is a band made of three of Maddie's puffles. They are Babypuff, Happy and Sparky. Penguins sometimes play if they need more musicians.

Disc One:Friends at play[]

Friends at Play

The box art for the CD, Friends at Play. the puffles from left to right, Princess, Sparky, Babypuff, Flit, Happy, and Fluffy.

Ai No Uta (from Pikmin) Babypuff sings, Sparky plays acoustic guitar, Maddie, Happy and Flit play violins, and Jessie plays flute (surprizingly).

Love Story (Talyor Swift) Babypuff sings, Sparky plays guitar, Happy plays drums and that's it folks.

Suburbia(West End Girls) Babypuff sings, Happy plays galactic piano, Sparky plays drums, and Princess sings harmony.

Whatever I Do I Do It For You (Family Guy) Gary sings, Maddie plays piano (having a secret piano talent), Sparky plays guitar, and Babypuff plays acoustic guitar.

Snowman (Super Smash Bros. Brawl) The National Choir of Antartica sings, Maddie plays the flute, Sparky plays the drums and any other puffles play the other instruments because the user who added this song can't remember how many instruments there are.



Babypuff:A loving puffle who always pitches in to help, as the lead singer of the band, she can change her voice easily.

Happy:Happy is a fasion diva and has a crush on Sparky, so she gets destratcted. But as always, she can always do two things at once.

Sparky:He will always play drums or guitar when he can, and if he plays a girly instrument (flute, piano ect.) he threatens to leave the band for a week if his isntrument does'nt get replaced.

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