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Puffle Island
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Vital statistics
Type Island
Level Usually, puffles will be ranging from 7-125
Location On the coasts of Trans-Antarctica
Inhabitants Puffles and 24Keyser

Puffle Island is the island for puffles in the USA. It was the home to puffles around Antarctica, tillPuffle'and was discovered. 24Keyser used to own this island along with the puffles, but then an electio showned that 70% of the puffles wanted a new leader. They thus elected Puffly Choontells as their new mayor. 24Keyser still gets complimentary benefits to this island, though.


Puffles were native to this island long ago during the High Penguin Confederency. No penguin, crab or any other creature knew about this place.

In 2001, 24Keyser was on his ship, on a trip to Shiverpool. He wanted to stopover at the border to check on any details, therefore using the ship as his transportation. Suddenly, in the midst of nowhere, and island popped out of the fog. He told his captain to sail him there, and therefore, they were the first inhabitats besides the puffles to discover the island.

As Trans-Antarctica was still in a growth spurt, the island was annexed to the Sub-Antarctic, the only state before 2008 to lie on water. 24Keyser was the mayor of the town. The capital of the island was the whole of it.

In 2005, Trans-Antarctica filed a lawsuit against the Sub-Antarctic for property handling, as 24Keyser was the leader of Trans-Antarctic but had to handle an island other of his own. After seeing that the Sub-Antarctic had not done it's part to maintain the island, a yeaa later ,the island was annexed to the Trans-Antarctic.

After 24Keyser was knocked out as he quit being in the South Pole Council, Bob McGoo took over. The new leader for the puffles was Puffly Choontells. 24Keyser still has complimentary passes, though.


As stated above, there is no city. The whole island is considered a city. The island is divided into Shivo and Mauvo.

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Some famous places include Puffle Beach, Perodonium Hall and 24Keyser's House, or mansion.


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