Club Penguin Fan Universe

The PufflePeng Minifigure Game is a company that creates the PufflePeng Minifigure Game game. They are very smart, and even let other people create minifigures in contests.

There are many sets of minifigures, here they are.

Note: I allow you to create your own set as long as it isn't like innaprpriate or anything. -PufflePeng Comapny P.S.THAT IS, UNLESS YOUR WRATH NINJA!


The Simple set has some very basic minifigures.

  • Red Penguin
  • Dark Blue Penguin
  • Dark Green Penguin
  • Red Puffle
  • Blue Puffle

It was sold in "Two Minifigure Booster Packs" for 60 coins and "Complete Set" for 140 coins.

Club Penguin Island set[]

A set about some normal creatures and characters in Club Penguin.

  • G
  • Aunt Arctic
  • Rockhopper (Common version)
  • Cadence (Common version)
  • Penguin Band (Very Rare)
  • Individual penguin band figurines (common version)
  • Cadence (very rare version)
  • Metronome (very rare)
  • Rockhopper (very rare version)

CPQ5 is not good Set[]

This set was unofficialy created by Wrath Ninja who got mad that his extremely weak CPQ5 minifigures did not win the contest, mainly because CPQ5 worked at PufflePeng.

  • Wrath Ninja (giant, not for play use, collectors only)
  • CPQ5
  • CPQ5 tiny collecter edition
  • Special Wrath Realm stadium set

Zurich Set[]

  • Maddie (Rare Edition)
  • Jessica
  • Swiss Ninja (Collectors only)
  • Ninja Wraith (Very rare edition
  • Babypuff and friends playset (all of the family's puffles)

'Akbaboy is PWNsome' Set[]

This set was created by Akbaboy when he wanted to be creative.

  • Akbaboy (There is only one in existence. The owner of the only Akbaboy figure is Akbaboy.) (Very rare edition)
  • Akbaboy (Common edition)
  • Special stadium (Uncommon edition)
  • Sancho Monte Captio (Only five in existence. Sancho Monte Captio owns three. Akbaboy owns one. Wrath Ninja owns one.) (Very rare edition)
  • Wrath Ninja (Only six in existence! Wrath Ninja owns 5. Akbaboy owns one.) (Very rare edition)
  • Craáin Sensei (Only two in existence. Wrath Ninja owns one. Akbaboy owns one.) (Very rare edition)
  • Sensei Wraith (Giant edition. Not for playing.) (Rare edition)

'Wikia Catastrophe' set[]

This set was made by Tails,Explorer,and TSP when they decided even huge wars can have sets as well

  • Tails6000 (a fan favorite yet highly produced)
  • Explorer 767 (a fan-favorite as well)
  • Fred 676 (very big fan favorite due to his calculator world set)
  • Speeddasher with his ninja sword (a very good toy for fans of speeddasher and people wishing to use him in battles, somewhat rare to find in most sets)
  • Enerjak Tails (very common because the set between him and malcur his highly made for everyone who likes to battle)
  • Nightmare (very rare t find in select stores)
  • Malcur (comes with the enerjak tails vs malcur set)