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PuffleAir is a low-cost international airline, and is the flag carrier of Puffle'and. The airline has a hub at Manley Ville International Airport, and one focus city at South Pole City International Airport. The airline has more than 10 fleet, and operates to more than 21 destinations in the continent. The airline is only available of puffles, since seating for other creatures is not available. Although the airline is for only puffles, the company hires only penguins for it's company, due to safety issues.


Two puffles wanted to provide affordable travel; to the citizens of Puffle'and. So, they started their own domestic airline with a retired Snowing 737-200 aircraft and provided travel from Manley Ville International Airport to many community airstrips around Puffle'and. The airline soon bought more aircraft from Snowing, and started a hub at Manley Ville International. Today, the airline is the largest carrier in Puffle'and and is the eleventh largest airline in the continent.


  • Snowing 737-800 (7)(domestic routes)
  • Snowing 777-300ER (4) (international routes)
  • Airhail A330-300 (2) (international routes)


PuffleAir offers two classes, PuffleFirst and PuffleEconomy, and are available on all flights operated by the airline as well.


PuffleFirst is the first-class equivalent of the airline, PuffleAir, and is available only on domestic and international flights. The class features specially designed puffle seats, which can recline to only 120 degrees, and have also audio and visual in-flight entertainment as well, provided by iQubo Entertainment, and features over 15 radio channels and 17 TV Channels. The class also features free gourmet, five course meals on only international flights, and a one-course, meal on all domestic flights. There are snacks and drinks also available for no extra charge. The passengers traveling in this class can check in at other various locations, and have also free pre-flight drinks as well.


PuffleEconomy is the economy-class equivalent of the airline, PuffleAir, and is available on all flights, both international and domestic ones. The class features specially made puffle seats, that can recline to only 110 degrees, unlike the first class seats. There is also visual and audio in-flight entertainment available for no extra charge. There are 12 radio, and 13 visual channels available. The class features regular meals on all flights, as well as free snacks and drinks available as well.


All aircraft are painted with a yellow paint base, and a red and blue stripe on the body of the aircraft. There is a picture of a puffle on the tailfin, and the words PuffleAir on the body of the aircraft as well. The airline does not have any aircraft painted in another scheme like many other airlines.