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The Democratic Republic of Pufflaniola
AnthemValiente Dessalinienne
Royal anthemNone
Location of Pufflaniola
This is the island of Pufflaniola, with it's two states.
CapitalSancho Domino, Prince Port
Official languages Spanish, French
Recognised regional languages English
Species  Puffles.
Demonym Pufflaniolan
Government Democratic Republic
Currency Puffso (P0F)
Calling code 340

The Republic of Pufflaniola is an island country run by puffles.


The Republic of Pufflaniola had started somwhere during the Penguin Empire in 357 AD, when a group of puffles (led by a Puffle named Pufflelus) also escaping their masters went on a raft and sailed to the island. The Island already had a puffle population. However, the puffles lived in uncivilized conditions, and were constantly attacked by other puffle tribes. Pufflelus advised the tribe they met that they should start a civilization, and build a village and fortress. Thus, they did so, and the city became known as Sancho Domino, which later became a great thriving city and capital of Pufflaniola. Pufflelus led Sancho Domingo to greatness. They withstood attacks from warring tribes, and were able to reunify the island. The Island of Pufflaniola was run by a king, who happened to be Pufflelus' son, until 1939, when the UK occupied the island. Over the decades, the Pufflaniolans go tired of the UK rule because their Kings had big egos and taxed the islanders harshly. Thus, in 1986, Pufflaniola became independant from the UK, and was a Republic. The First President was named Billy-Jean Dessalines, who ruled in the city of Prince Port, which is why it is the second capital city of the Island. (The President resides in the capital city in which the state he or she was born in.)


  • Hailey - The State on the left. It is where Prince Port is. It is a French Speaking Province that recenlty had a devastating earthquake.
  • Dominicana - The State on the Right. It is more richer than Hailey, and is more safer. Sancho Domino is located here. It is a Spanish Speaking Province.


Historically, the Economy of Pufflaniola had always been better in Dominicana. Hailey was a more somewhat poorer place, and many buildings were not maintained as often as they should have been. In January 2010, an earthquake hit Hailey near Prince Port. Many of the Hailian houses were not stable, and collapsed. Luckily, no one got hurt, but all thier homes and hospitals were destroyed. This led a downfall to the country, and the country is struggling to help rebuild Hailey and to recover the economy.


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