Club Penguin Fan Universe
Puffboy Toll
Vital statistics
Title Puffboy Toll
Gender Male
Race Green Puffle
Faction Toll
Health Very very high
Level Very very high
Status Doing Something Cuckoo
Location Somewhere
Occupation Being an optimistic idiot like Robert O'vian.
Interests Doing Something Cuckoo
Friends his friend, and his owner.
Enemies People who call him weird
Archetype HUH?!?

Puffboy Toll is a very optimistic, crazy green puffle. He enjoys Doing Something Cuckoo with his friend, Fluff Fluff or his owner, Rocket Slug. He is 11 years old.


He was born on a cold night and his parents didn't want him so they took him to the Adoption Center, where people called him Puffboy because of his crazy puffiness. He thought they were calling his name, so when he learned to write, he wrote "Puffboy T." on all his papers at school. The teachers actually thought his name was Puffboy. Later, in his class, he learned about a new kid in a third-grade class named Fluff Fluff. Puffboy thought that they would make great friends, so he got horrible grades and hoped to be taken down a grade. Eventually, he was in third grade, and he and Fluff Fluff became great friends.


He's usually Doing Something Cuckoo.


  • His favorite sitcom is Von Injoface Lifestyles Exposed.
  • He loves cookies.
  • He's a parody of Fanboy from Fanboy and Chum Chum.
  • He hates Robert O'vian for some weird reason.
  • He sometimes wears a green mask, a cape, and his underwear when he says he's "fighting crime," but he's really buying toys, video games, or slushies with Fluff Fluff.

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